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About SASC

Mission Statement

The mission of Saline Area Senior Council, Inc. (SASC) is to enrich the lives of senior citizens through programs and activities that will be beneficial in promoting good health, education, referral services, community outreach and social programs.


SASC is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, which began in the mid-1970’s as a part of St. Paul’s United Church programs. As programs expanded, the center moved to the American Legion Hall and then the DPW Building, until February of 2005. Funding was mainly donations and grants at that time. The need for SASC programs continued to grow and was recognized by the community. The CARES Millage (Cultural Arts, Recreation, Enrichment and Seniors) was developed by Saline Area Schools and passed in 2000, 2009 and again in 2017. Work was completed on a wing of Saline Middle School and the center moved to its current location in February 2005.


The CARES Millage provides funding for recreation programs and facilities that enhance the life of residents in Saline Area School District. In November 2017, voters passed the CARES Recreation Millage Renewal for 0.5 mills for 10 years.

The specific programs funded through CARES and the percentage of the millage each receives are                  SASC (25%), General Recreation / Community Education (24%), Saline Community Pool at the High School (23.5%), Ellen Ewing Performing Arts Center (19.5%), and grant opportunities for local organizations (8%).

The SASC portion of CARES is around $208,000, which accounts for a significant portion, nearly 60%, of SASC Funding in our Annual Budget. Other funding sources for SASC include membership revenue, program revenue, trip revenue, donations, grants, bank interest, rentals, misc. items and the SASC cash on hand. 





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