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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is CARES?

A. The CARES Millage provides funding for recreation programs and facilities that enhance the life of residents in Saline Area School District. In November 2017, voters passed the CARES  Recreation Millage Renewal for 0.5 mills for 10 years.

The specific programs funded through CARES and the percentage of the millage each receives are the Saline Area Senior Center (25%), General Recreation/Community Education (24%), Saline Community Pool at the High School (23.5%), Ellen Ewing Performing Arts Center (19.5%), and grant opportunities for local organizations (8%).

Q. How is SASC Funded?

A. The SASC portion of CARES is around $215,000 annually, which accounts for a significant portion, nearly 65%, of SASC Funding in our Annual Budget. Other funding sources for SASC include membership revenue, program revenue, trip revenue, donations, grants, bank interest, rentals, misc. items, and the SASC cash on hand / fund balance.


Q. What does my SASC Membership include?

A. Your SASC Membership includes access to many free program offerings, clubs, cards, use of the billiards room, library, mobile laptops / iPads and much more. You also receive a members\ rate for all classes and programs.

Q. What is the length of my membership?

A. Memberships are for the calendar year, January - December.

Q. Do you prorate memberships if I don't belong the whole year?

A. The membership rate is very reasonable for a full year ranging from $10-$25 based on ages / residency, therefore the membership rate is not prorated.

Q. Do I have to be a member to participate?

A. You do not need to be a member to participate in PAID classes or programs. However, you do pay an additional $5, non-member rate, per program, on top of the advertised prices. $10 or more additional, per person, for extended trips.

You must be a member to take part in the many free educational programs, workshops, clubs, use of the billiards room, library, laptops and iPads. 


Class Policies

Q. How do I register for classes / programs?

A. You may register in the office during operating hours, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm, and Mon and Wed from 4-8pm. You may also request an account online HERE. Once it is approved, you may register online (credit card payment required).

Q. What form of payment is accepted at SASC?

A. You may pay with cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or American Express). Credit cards usage will incur a small 3% merchant fee on top of your total.

Q. What happens to my credit card number once it is processed?

A. All credit cards are process through a secure, third-party merchant. SASC does not have the ability to access your credit card number once it is processed.

Refunds / Cancellations

Q. Can I cancel out of a program once I have registered?

A.  All cancellation requests must be made to a SASC Team Member. If cancellation occurs after the registration deadline, no refund will be issued. If a cancellation occurs before the deadline, a credit can be applied to your account for use towards another program in the current fiscal year (by June 30).

Some programs, events, trips and theatre / baseball tickets, are non-refundable. Programs will not be prorated due to missed dates on the participant’s behalf. An effort will be made to schedule a make-up date if a program is cancelled due to any causes beyond our control. If this is not possible, no partial refund will be provided.  

If SASC has to cancel a program for any reason, a credit or refund may be issued.


Q. How do I use an iPad / laptop?

A. SASC has 4 iPads and 2 laptops that were purchased with funds through the Helen McCalla Trust. Members may check thee technology items out at the front desk any time SASC is open, for use anywhere in the center. Items must be checked back in 10 minutes before closing time.

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