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  • Laurel Errer

Isn't It Strange...

Just when you find the right cosmetic, it gets discontinued

that when your friend says “let's play ball,” you don't ask what kind

how the first snowfall is so pretty but the second is just a nuisance

jeans the same size fit differently

when one home appliance breaks, there's bound to be two more

people are starving yet this nation throws away tons of food every year

someone says “what?” but you know they heard you

you follow her recipe but mom's always tastes better

salespeople are all smiles when you are buying but try taking it back

whole races of people are hated by another but we are all God's children

six of the exact same item in six different stores have six different prices

one day you can't remember an often used name but the next day you can

how all chocolate chip cookies don't taste the same

that we can not agree on things like guns and climate control even when we all know they are dangerous

a lot of very smart people never go to school

that any crazy person can buy a gun by just checking the box marked sane

there are 8 or 9 different kinds of canned corn

televisions don't seem to give good reception during the program you want to see most

we blame our pillow for a bad night's sleep

a hamburger is a hamburger, but we all have a favorite hamburger joint

you can raise 7 children with one bathroom yet all new home buyers insist on a bathroom for each bedroom

how slow time moves for the young and how fast it flies by for the old

it takes us a whole week to recover from the time change

something seems like a good idea at the time

that some of us make our bed every day

how we love Fido and Trixie but not our neighbors

we cry at a sad tv program but not over the homeless guy on the corner

you can still mail a letter for less than 60 cents and still expect it to get to the other side of the country in a day or 2............or not

different cuts of meat cost anywhere from $2.89 a pound to $35.00 a pound and it's all cow

we say someone looks like they should be a “David.” What's that all about?

They stop playing one of our old, favorite songs because they claim the lyrics are racist, sexist or whatever

we send the youngest and least experienced off to fight our wars

we have 47 shades of red nail polish. It's all red.

A monkey can make art, but I cant draw a straight line

we can go to the moon but still struggle with 26 kinds of the common cold

we can't wait for fall, or spring, or summer, or winter

a certain song can unite over a million people

a certain football game can unite over a million people

no one sees the same color red

when someone says could be a fruit or a color

tvs are smarter than people

we ask grandchildren for help

many animal species eat their young

some animal species take turns raising their young

how Kevin has to go to the bathroom when we first start to do dishes

how my kitchen is smallest room in house but everyone wants to be in there at same time

we can send a message to the other side of the globe without wires but my phone only works 33 percent of the time

our tv control is larger than our phone

father did know best

we still haven't figured out when it's nature and when it's nurture

you get the idea............isn't it strange???

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