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  • Carol Pullen

Miscellaneous Brain

What should I write this morning? There are so many stories, memories, thoughts, questions racing around in the hastily-packed “Miscellaneous - Get To Soon” compartment of my brain that to go in there is to be quickly distracted, confused, overwhelmed and to usually leave without having selected one of them to take care of.

“What will I wear?,” mixed in with “Do I want to go on living? Should I get a cat? It’s time to pay the bills.”

That part of my brain is impinging on the rest.

An appropriate memory glimmers over there: me, one of the least athletic people I know, substitute teaching in a third grade classroom at gym time. What on earth to do? Kids like balls, right? Let them open the storage room and get the balls out and have free ball time. It sounded like it could use up the time and the kids would like it. Well, 10 basketballs bouncing along with tennis balls and volleyballs and even ping pong balls gets loud and chaotic very quickly. Even I couldn’t hear my voice trying to restore order!

This is how my head feels.

The solution? This is one of the questions, framed and reframed multiple times and placed in my “Miscellaneous - To Get To Soon” compartment.

Take something on? Pick something. Or maybe take a nap?

CAUTION: Do not let taking a nap become your default.

It is dangerous!

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