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  • Nancy Walfish

The Voice

Have you ever heard that little voice inside that tells you “listen to me, I can help,” but you ignore it as just wishful thinking? What if you listened? Believed you were not alone? You have someone that loves you and wants you to SUCCEED. So often we allow self-doubt to stop us.

We don’t listen and often realize that if only we had listened, things would have turned out differently. Listening is so hard and we usually make it so much harder by rushing ahead without thinking. So often by just stopping and giving life a chance to catch up, we realize the problem we thought was so big has already resolved itself.

Listening is so often the answer. That inner voice you drown out by the static of the life we live today is not the help you need.

Listen to that inner voice and you will probably get what you need. It may not be the answer you want, but often it will turn out to be the answer you need.

Make life easier. Try to stay calm. Quiet the noise and listen. Don’t allow the doubt to interfere with what you know is true.

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