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  • Nancy Walfish

White Room Challenge

I was watching a show on television that was called the “White Room Challenge.” The premise was that they gave you a completely white room and you are supposed to decorate it. As I was watching this show, it occurred to me it is so much like life.

When you are born your room is completely empty, white, and pure. As time passes you start to fill your room with color, people and experiences. Although all of these things might not be what you were expecting or wanted, you have to use them. You can either complain about what you were given or you can incorporate them in a way that is useful and productive to you.

Sometimes your room gets too cluttered and it is necessary to get rid of things that make your life unable to see what is important. Just like the show, you need to know when to edit. Try to keep the things that work in your life and get rid of the things that make you unhappy and keep the things that help you live a fulfilled life.

Your life, just like the room, will no longer be white but all the colors of your life. At the end of our life hopefully we will have experienced all the colors of the rainbow.

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